Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Yahoo! Maps and Traffic

Yahoo has just improved its graphic map tool including real-time traffic information. It gets updated continuosly from several official sources. It is only available in EEUU and Canada so far. Check current traffic jam around Manhhattan , New York.
It would be helpful as information in our Pda while we get to work by car in the morning.

Symbian GPS

Route 66 British firm assures to provide the first Bluetooth-based GPS working under this OS and 60 platform or higher. This coverages GPS signal aroung most Europe countries and might be suitable for users who pretented to get a Pda to take advantage of this.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Adsl price

I am quite concerned about what ISP firms do with Spanish Internet users. I come from Spain where prices go from 30 to 40 euros with 1 Mg bandwidth speed offered. I got surprised while I was navigating on a Frech web site, where a internal banner appeared to provided 8 Mg bandwidth by 14 euros a month. Is it worth doing something to make prices down?.

FireFox security

A fascinating article from Peter Torr´s web site argues the thought that the new browser will end up security problems. He mainly focuses on unsigned software as the base to generate spyware and refuses FireFox will make Internet secure to customers.
Is FireFox secure or that´s Mozilla people want to convince us?

Thursday, December 23, 2004

ThunderBird mail client

I continue feeling impatient to test all products from Mozilla Suite. I have just installed Thunderbird and impression was good. Import process worked fine from OutLook and everything looks like there is no mail/address missing. I would not like to keep using without making sure sure to have an utility to put mails back to Outlook later on when I get bored.

Lotus notes import / export utility

If you haved faced on importing or exporting address book from to Lotus Notes, this might help you out. It is a simple tool from Lotus Web Site and seemed to be quite useful for me.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Auto login tool...on my own

How many times have you registered and missed the user/password a week later?. I know most browsers keep passwords in cache and offer the choice to get it back to a document.
I have just developed a tool to interact with the document you are in so wherever you are and need to enter user y password, this is gonna help you out.
Basically, what you must do is,
1. Add a new option into the contextual menu in I.E. (my .reg is valid)
2. Double click in the first input (user) and choose the option 'Autologin'.
3. A layer will display with contents from the login file 'C:\MyLogins.txt' (MSN, YAHOO, TERRA....) which has to be filled out as it follows
YAHOO LOGIN$User$Password$=
MSN LOGIN$User$Password$=
4. A html file which will be launched to process the layers.

Once you click in one option it will be log in automatically.

I have made it work in most mail web sites (Yahoo, Terra, Msn Hotmail...) and will work in Mozilla and GMail later on.

If you are interested in any topic related to this, please email me to dfeedback+auto[arroba]gmail[.]com

Step 1

Step 2

Movie streaming on mobile phones

A Indian mobile company will provide a new streaming service which will let customers watch 2 different movies on their mobile phones. Those must be capable of supporting video streamming and EGDE connection, a high-speed model. It´s going to be the first test so far and it is supposed to support only 2 hundred concurrent connections at the same time.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Vault programming language

I did not hear anything about it as it´s found on Microsoft Research Site. It focuses on security problems of C# with a modular structure quite simitar to C. Although it´s not obviously spread enough, its final purpose was oriented to reliable software. More information about Vault

Thursday, December 09, 2004

C# ...author´s physical differences

No one might think why a programming language could become succesful only watching physical details from its author. This should also be keep in mind accordind to what it is said here . Will Microsoft consider its programming languages authors since now?. Will programmers start growing beard?.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Nokia 6810

I have recently purchased a Nokia 6810 which provides full BlackBerry mail integration and Bluetooth support. I have not configured it yet and I know no longer how this functionality could be helful for me. Note that it makes writing easier by extending an additional keyboard.